OutsourceYourBankruptcyFilings.com specializes in the preparation of bankruptcy petitions for Debtor Bankruptcy Attorneys. I have received accreditation and undergo continuing education to ensure that my methods and systems are always up to date. I can be an invaluable asset to an Attorney or Firm who needs an on-call expert Bankruptcy Assistant. The service is customized to fit each Attorney or Firms individual needs, and will do so for you.



OutsourceYourBankruptcyPetitions.com is NOT a licensed Attorney. I do not provide legal advice or representation. I am a service provider for licensed Attorneys, and do not work for the general public. Should you have any questions regarding filing bankruptcy please consult with a licensed Attorney.


Is hiring an off-site bankruptcy assistant considered "sharing fees" ?

Absolutely not. You pay OutsourceYourBankruptcyFilings.com in the same manner that you would a subcontractor or temporary employee on a "per job" basis. We are not paid by the debtor(s). Our fee is for services rendered only, much as the same you would pay a member of your office staff a salary. This is not considered sharing fees since your office staff is providing a service to the firm. The only difference is OutsourceYourBankruptcyFilings.com pays for all of our own overhead, income taxes, software, supplies, etc. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN CHARGES.